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Avoid the discomfort and the hassle that mammograms pose to some patients. Let us help you with an alternate option today.

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What we can look for

A Better Screening Experience

Breast cancer exams are quite common. Generally, you'll be sent for a mammography, but there could be a number of factors that make you uneasy with the thought of going for a mammogram. Those factors might be the radiation you experience, the pain from having your breasts squeezed, the density of your breasts, or if you have implants.    


Thankfully, Integrative Imaging Center offers Thermography for your breast exam. Thermography is safe for all ages, can be used for women with implants, pregnant women, and used post-pregnancy. It's used to detect all types of breast conditions.

  • Breast pain

  • Cancer Screening

  • Treatment tracking

  • Fibrocystic disease

  • Rupture of implants

You can learn more about our state-of-the art "fusion imaging" and more.

Breast cancer screening