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Important instructions to prepare for your exam

Ensuring a Comforting Experience

Medical infrared or thermal imaging must be done on the direct surface of the body.

We will try to make you as comfortable as possible while providing the maximum allowable modesty.

The following instructions are important to follow as they will allow us to provide you with the best medical digital infrared/thermal imaging results.



•DO NOT USE any type of tobacco products or be in the presence of anyone using tobacco products. This is MANDATORY. This can affect both central nervous system and blood flow rhythms.

•Avoid contact with the area to be examined. This includes showering, bathing, applying lotions, ointments, powders, deodorants, etc. Also avoid touching the area through scratching, rubbing, or touching.

•Do not wear a bra or tight-fitting clothing the day of the exam.

•Do not consume coffee, tea, soft drinks with caffeine, alcohol, aspirin-like products, or anti-inflammatories on the day of the exam. This also includes most vitamins, Vivarin, No Doze, power bars, energy drinks, Gingko, ginseng, Evening Primrose, etc.

Daily medications that need to be taken at the same time each day are allowed. All other oral, patches, ointments or injected medications should be taken after the exam.



•Avoid any unnecessary handling of the breasts, manual breast exams (including clinical), intentional sexual arousal, or fondling of the breasts prior to the exam.

•Limit or avoid exercise. Extreme workouts can affect your muscle and soft-tissue temperatures. Muscles can retain metabolic heat for several hours.

•If your exam is for something other than a standard breast screening, such as abdomen, pelvic region, or groin, we suggest that you remove as much excess hair from the region as possible before your appointment.



•If you have had or are now running a fever (36 hours prior), please call to reschedule your appointment. Fever is considered 100° F or more for an extended period of time.


48 HOURS PRIOR (minimum):

•Refrain from any direct sun exposure from intentional sun bathing, heat lamps, saunas, hot tubs and tanning booths.



•Do not use artificial spray-on tanning materials, get a new tattoo(s), or body piercing. This may cause the quality of the thermogram to suffer.



•If in the last 90 days, you have had surgery to the region in question, chemotherapy or radiation treatments (excluding dental x-rays), please wait to schedule your appointment.


If you are experiencing severe pain, heat to the touch, or have surface skin redness in the breast, disregard preparation instructions and call for an expedited appointment time. Emergency appointments can be arranged.


Feel free to speak with one of our staff if you’re unsure whether a medical digital infrared or thermal imaging exam is right for you.


Please provide us 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation to avoid $75.00 cancel fee.

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