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Locating your problem areas

Non-Invasive Thermography

The thermography and thermal imaging services offered by Integrative Imaging Services boast a high level of accuracy. We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment, and the procedure is non-invasive. We are highly accurate at finding any underlying issues with no discomfort to the patient.  


The testing is conducted through Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. Thermography images the body to capture physiological signs of injury and disease. There are no contrasts dyes, injections, or exposure to radiation used. Many times, this type of imaging can show early cancer indications, as well as other breast issues.

Thermal imaging helps us to see your inner temperature, and view and monitor drastic temperature changes. Finding inflammation is common in a variety of health concerns.


Once we find the problem areas, we can analyze patterns and pathways, which are helpful to physicians in treating and diagnosing possible issues. Allow us to find the source of your problems or potentially spot them before they start.

Thermoimaging chart