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March 1, 2021
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      Dr. Martin E. Stivers II

Since 2008, we have been a leader specializing in women's health concerns. 
Many new and improved medical procedures have been discovered and
implemented as part of our modern procedures. 

The internet has provided more education and information to healthcare for learning "The Facts". 
Unknown alternative integrative medical procedures have been revealed as safe, thorough,
pain-free and radiation-free; providing for prevention = early detection of disease.

No waiting for results of examination. 
Preliminary results are privately reviewed with patient,
the day of the examination by highly qualified experts.

This accounts for our very high rate of accuracy.

Is Thermography Right For You?

Everyone is suitable for thermography screening!

Our specialized procedure is especially important to women for early breast cancer detection.

Non Invasive  -  No Radiation  -  No Painful Compression.

Thermography is safe for any breast circumstances!

Large breasts
Small breasts
Dense breasts
      Pre or post natal
Have you had prior cancer and/or maybe a breast removed?  
Safe and effective for breasts that have been surgically altered or implanted

Whatever your needs...
Our thermography is safe, effective and painless!

What Is A "Thermogram"?

A "Thermogram" (or Breast Thermography), is a process using physiological and
metabolic changes in your body to indicate potential diseases.

Resulting in... "A PICTURE OF HEAT"


What Is The Examination Procedure?  -  How Is It Done?

This process requires special preparation from not only the clinic, but from you the patient, as well.

Accurate temperature controls and preparation of your body's circulatory system is key to proper results.

Your body temperature measurements can be affected by many factors.  The difference between healthy
cells and sick ones can be as little as 1.0 degree celsius.  Having proper tools and a properly controlled
exam room temperature, is absolutely imperative

Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is: 

PAINLESS... It requires NO CONTACT to your body
Requires NO INJECTIONS of sometimes dangerous contrast mediums or dyes.



    Martin E. Stivers II       



  Dr. Stivers is a Senior Certified Thermographer, with over 17 years   
  in the Infrared Thermal Imaging field and over 13 years in Medical
  Thermal Imaging.

In 2005, Dr. Stivers founded a company, Thermal Analysis, LTD., engaging in the research & development of equipment, procedures and protocols for Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging.  The hope was to eventually put thermal screening units in the hands of medical practitioners and clinics around the world.

He wanted to offer a true "alternative " to the mammogram.

He opened his first clinic in 2008.  Serving women primarily, for true early breast cancer detection.